Item# PJS04086

Price AU $120.00

Handcrafted Antiqued Sterling Silver Pendant featuring a hand-cut stabilised Cumpas Turquoise cabochon

~ I am so proud to present this Pendant to you - it is a collaboration piece between my husband, Mike, and I. He has hand-cut the stone, taking it from a raw piece of rock to the shiny polished cabochon you see before you, and I have created the setting for it. I like to think that it represents elevating "handmade" to the next level ~

Cumpas Turquoise hails from Mexico in the US, and we were very excited to add a few small slabs of this spectacularly hued material to our collection. It has been stabilised for strength, but the colour has not been altered, and this little triangle is the brightest blue I have ever seen!

Mike has done a beautiful job of shaping and polishing this triangular cabochon, then handed it over to me to embrace with eco-friendly recycled Sterling Silver wire. I have oxidised and polished the silver to complete this petite Water Element Talisman.

Pendant measures 44 x 20mm
Stone measures 23 x 18 x 5mm

[ Presented in an eco-friendly gift box - perfect to treat yourself or someone special ]

Please note : the price stated above is for the Pendant only. Doesn't it look fabulous on my Antiqued Sterling Silver Handcrafted Chain, as shown in the last photo? If you would like one, you will find all the details here!

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I adore creating with gemstones, and infuse each piece I make with love and positivity. Creating is a sacred process to me - one that I pour my heart and soul into. Once completed, each piece is cleansed with Water, smudged with incense (Air), bathed in sunlight (Fire), and spends time on my altar to ground (Earth). It is then charged under the light of a Full Moon before being released into the world to find its new keeper.

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