Item# PJS03842

Price AU $90.00

~ Crystal Ball Pendant Series ~

Amethyst and Antiqued Sterling Silver Handcrafted Crystal Ball Pendant

Have your own personal Crystal Ball on hand whenever you need it by wearing it as a pendant

This pale purple sphere is so unique - it has a healed fracture through the centre, and one side is ever-so-slightly lighter in colour than the other. There are plenty of inclusions that sparkle and throw little rainbows in the light, and it moves within its frame so you can get to know it from all angles.

I have embraced this crystal sphere with woven Sterling Silver wire to create a wearable talisman, and then oxidised and polished the silver to a subtle antiqued finish.

Pendant measures 42 x 21mm
Stone measures 21mm in diameter

[ Presented in an eco-friendly gift box - perfect to treat yourself or someone special ]

Please note : the price stated above is for the Pendant only. Doesn't it look fabulous on my Antiqued Sterling Silver Handcrafted Chain, as shown in the last photo? If you would like one, you will find all the details here!

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I adore creating with gemstones, and infuse each piece I make with love and positivity. Creating is a sacred process to me - one that I pour my heart and soul into. Once completed, each piece is cleansed with Water, smudged with incense (Air), bathed in sunlight (Fire), and spends time on my altar to ground (Earth). It is then charged under the light of a Full Moon before being released into the world to find its new keeper.

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